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Since 1961, CCI has been providing effective and high integrity collections services. A nationwide collections provider, our comprehensive approach to collections excels because our collectors are people first and collectors second. As professionals they employ an exceptional level of integrity and compassion while effectively getting their job done. 

We collect more than 90% of our client’s outstanding A/R before even sending the account to our attorneys. This is a huge advantage for our clients. We save them time and money.

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At CCI, our success is driven by a cohesive team of dedicated professionals, each contributing their expertise to handle your collections with precision and care. Led by seasoned executives with extensive experience in strategic planning, custom client program creation, webinars, client seminars, and overseeing the collection floor, our team is committed to excellence in every aspect of the collections process. Our collective decades of experience ensure a proactive and client-centric approach, tailored to meet your unique needs. From strategic thinking to innovative solutions, our team is dedicated to exceeding expectations and delivering optimal outcomes for your business. When you choose CCI, you’re not just partnering with a commercial collection agency; you’re gaining a collaborative team focused on your success.

What We Do

Pre-Collect Letter Services

Many times, all a client needs is a push in order to pay, and that comes in the form of a written notice. We offer a series of two to four demand letters, giving them a chance to pay before the process goes further.

Full Collection Services

When a client still won’t pay what’s owed, the next step is our Full Collection Service. Comprised of three distinct levels, debt escalates to the next service level until it’s recovered.

Collection Procedures Consulting

Our Senior Managers know what needs to be done to make your company more efficient in collecting payments and how to work with a third-party commercial collector.

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