If your business is experiencing short paid invoices, you’re not alone. A recent study by The Accounts Payable Network found that almost half of businesses have had to deal with this issue in the past year. Deductions and short paid invoices can be a huge headache for businesses, but there are ways to manage them effectively.  

Effective Customer Communication 

Communicating with your customers is essential when dealing with short paid invoices. Taking the time to understand their reasons for the deduction can help you resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently. This discussion may even reveal that the dispute is valid, such as a short shipment and you can then resolve the issue.  Additionally, it allows you to build a relationship of trust with your customer, which can ultimately help reduce future disputes and potentially fix process issues.  

When communicating with customers about short paid invoices, make sure that you are open to hearing their perspective. It is critical to provide detailed information about the invoice to ensure that the customer clearly understands the charges. It is important that customers have all the relevant details regarding the items, or services, included in an invoice so that they have clarity of what is due. 

Negotiating a Settlement 

When negotiating a settlement for a disputed invoice, it is important to be firm, yet understanding of the customer’s individual circumstances. This means setting clear expectations around deadlines and the settlement amount. Businesses should also take the time to listen to their customers’ and understand why they are disputing the invoice in the first place. Doing so will help both parties come up with an agreement that works best for them, while still ensuring that the business remains accountable for its end of the agreement.  

 Ultimately, by taking the time to understand their customer’s individual circumstances, businesses can ensure they receive a fair settlement, while still maintaining a positive relationship with their customers.  

Placing the Account for Collections 

When it comes to short-paid invoices, sometimes effective communications and negotiations are not enough to resolve the dispute. In situations like these, businesses will need to consider placing the account with a Collection Agency. Doing so will ensure businesses maximize the recovery amount. 

CCI  specializes in recovering unpaid debts and has the resources and expertise that will significantly increase the chances of getting paid for a disputed invoice. This allows you to focus on running your business without having to worry about chasing after disputed invoices.  

In order to effectively resolve disputed invoices, it is important to communicate effectively, negotiate fairly and place unresolved invoices for collections. By remaining persistent and patient throughout the process, businesses can ensure they get paid what is owed while still maintaining a positive relationship with their customers.  


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