The world of credit and collections is a complex one, filled with numerous laws, policies, and best practices designed to protect both businesses and consumers. At the heart of this industry is the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), a not-for-profit organization that has been at the forefront of establishing these standards and practices for over a century. In this article, we will delve into the role of the NACM, its mission, and its pivotal role in setting industry standards. 

Understanding NACM’s Purpose and Mission 

Founded in 1896, the National Association of Credit Management has a long history of advocating for business credit and financial management professionals across the United States. Its mission revolves around shaping the quality and performance of the services offered by these professionals. The NACM is committed to fostering ethical conduct, promoting best practices, and providing educational opportunities to its members, thereby ensuring that the industry operates with integrity and professionalism.  

NACM’s dedication to the credit and collection industry is unparalleled. It seeks to empower its members—business credit and financial professionals—to perform to the best of their abilities and, in turn, contribute positively to their respective organizations. This dedication manifests itself in NACM’s extensive educational programs, services, and advocacy efforts, all designed to promote good practice within the industry. 

The Role of NACM in Setting Industry Standards 

As a leader in the credit and collection industry, the NACM plays a significant role in setting standards that guide the operations of businesses in this sector. These standards ensure a level playing field, fostering both competition and ethical practices. Furthermore, they serve as a guidepost for businesses, providing a clear understanding of the expectations, rules, and regulations that govern the industry. 

To develop these standards, NACM employs a comprehensive and consultative approach, engaging industry professionals, stakeholders, and subject matter experts. The association also regularly reviews and updates these standards to keep pace with industry changes and advancements. 

One of NACM’s hallmark achievements is the development of the National Trade Credit Report (NTCR), which provides critical credit information and payment data on over 15 million businesses across the U.S. The NTCR has become an industry standard for evaluating a company’s creditworthiness, demonstrating NACM’s pivotal role in shaping industry practices. 

In addition to the NTCR, NACM has also established standards in credit education and certification. The association offers several nationally recognized professional designations, such as the Credit Business Associate (CBA), Credit Business Fellow (CBF), and Certified Credit Executive (CCE). These certifications, widely recognized and respected in the industry, attest to the expertise and competence of credit professionals. 


The National Association of Credit Management plays an indispensable role in shaping industry standards for the credit and collection industry. Its dedication to promoting ethical conduct, driving best practices, and providing top-notch educational opportunities is instrumental in fostering an environment of professionalism and integrity.  

As we look towards the future, the NACM’s role in setting industry standards is more crucial than ever. The dynamic nature of the credit and collection industry requires a proactive and forward-thinking organization like the NACM to ensure the industry continues to operate at its best. By consistently promoting high standards, the NACM solidifies its position as a leader and a beacon of excellence in the world of credit and collections.