As a business owner, one of the biggest challenges you may face is dealing with unpaid debts and delinquent accounts. These issues can significantly impact your cash flow and hinder your business’s growth. Fortunately, Commercial Collectors Inc. offers Full Collection Services to help you recover the money owed to you. With an experienced team and comprehensive approach, you can maximize your collections and navigate the complexities of debt recovery effectively. 

What Collection Services do we Offer? 

Commercial Collectors Inc. understands that each business’s unique circumstances require a tailored approach to collecting outstanding debts. That’s why we offer a full range of collection services, delivered by a team averaging over ten years of experience. Whether you need assistance with Pre-Collection, Full Collection, or Collection Procedures Consulting, we have the expertise to handle your specific needs. 

What is The Full Collection Service Process? 

One standout feature of Commercial Collectors Inc.’s offerings is our Full Collection Service, which is designed as a phased system comprising four distinct service levels. This structured approach ensures that debts escalate to the next level until they are successfully recovered. 

Level 1: Free Demand: 

The Full Collection Service begins with a period of fourteen days known as the Free Demand Time. During this time, Professional Collectors Inc. sends official letters requesting payment, working to gently nudge slow-paying customers. The best part? There are no charges for these letters, and there are zero contingent fees on payments received during this period. In unsuccessful cases, the accounts are immediately redirected to the next service level. 

Level 2: Personal Presentation by Staff: 

Once the Free Demand Time has elapsed, Level 2 comes into play. Experienced and senior Commercial Collectors Inc. collectors take charge and become an extension of your staff. We work closely with you to provide updates, answer questions, and collaborate on strategies to improve recovery. With 10-25 years of experience, these professionals know how to effectively communicate with debtors and increase your chances of successful collections. 

Level 3: Collection Attorney Network: 

For cases that require further action beyond letters and phone calls, Commercial Collectors Inc. has a national and international network of bonded attorneys specializing in commercial collections and collection litigation. If these professional interventions become necessary, they will be employed to work on your behalf. What truly sets Commercial Collectors Inc. apart is our commitment to our clients. We forward all claims over $500 to the legal collection network without any charge until recovery is achieved. 

What are the Benefits of Full Collection Services? 

Utilizing Full Collection Services provided by Commercial Collectors Inc. offers several benefits that can greatly enhance your debt recovery efforts: 

  • Increased recovery rates: By leveraging a team of seasoned collectors and utilizing a comprehensive approach, the chances of successfully recovering your outstanding debts are significantly improved. 
  • Professional representation: With Commercial Collectors Inc. acting as an extension of your staff, you benefit from our expertise and industry knowledge, ensuring a streamlined and professional debt recovery experience. 
  • Access to legal resources: When traditional collection methods are unsuccessful, Commercial Collectors Inc. has a network of specialized attorneys who can take legal action on your behalf, increasing your chances of successful recovery. 

Don’t let unpaid debts and delinquent accounts hinder the growth and success of your business. Consider partnering with Commercial Collectors Inc. and taking advantage of our Full Collection Services. Our experienced team, tailored approach, and comprehensive range of services will enable you to maximize your collections and regain control of your finances. Contact Commercial Collectors Inc. today to discuss how we can assist you in achieving optimal debt recovery and ensuring the financial stability of your business.