Since 1961, CCI has been providing collections services nationwide. We are passionate about saving our clients time and money by collecting more than 90% of our client’s outstanding A/R before sending the account to our attorneys. In this blog, we will go over CCI’s many services.  


A pre-collection letter is a message that is sent to your customer letting them know that we will use legal actions to collect their money which could include litigation. Sending this letter is a warning sign to your client. After receiving a letter from CCI, your clients will often understand that they need to pay immediately.  

CCI offers two or three demand letters, depending on the service selected, that will be sent to your client before we take things to the next level. We aim to get the client to pay as soon as possible and keep a positive relationship with them. We offer this as a free service or on a flat fee basis, depending on how many letters are required.  

Full collection 

Our full collection services have three levels. Debt continues to the next level until it is collected.   

  • Free demand upon request: 14 days of Free Demand Time. Two letters will be sent to your client to nudge them to pay. During this time frame, there are no contingent fees on payments received.  
  • Personal presentation of staff: One of our experienced senior collectors will work directly with your customer to get paid in full and, if needed, work out another alternative. Our goal is to find a solution to avoid the added costs of litigation for you and your customer.  
  • Collection attorney network: Our national and international network of attorneys specializing in commercial collections and litigation will get involved if our other efforts are unsuccessful.  

Collection procedures consulting 

Our senior management has the experience to help you improve your processes and the skills to collaborate with credit managers and business owners. We will provide you with the plan and help your team with implementation to improve your cashflow.  


While working with us, we provide 24/7 access to online reports. We want you to see the progress we are making. Some reporting options include account activity, a web portal to create custom reports, payment notifications, and closing reports.   


At CCI, we hold ourselves to a high standard and are driven to get you paid faster. As NACM North Central’s preferred collections service provider, we have the knowledge and experience to get you back on track. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call or fill out a contact form on our website