Are you tired of hearing promises of improved cash flow and reduced bad debt, only to be left wondering if the results are being delivered? At Commercial Collectors Inc. (CCI), we understand the importance of accountability when it comes to debt recovery. That’s why we offer robust accountability services to provide you with 24/7 access to the information you need to ensure that we are delivering on our promise to you. 

With our On-Line Reporting program, you have the power to pull reports of your choice on demand. We believe that you should expect and then inspect, and our reporting services are designed to provide transparency and accountability in the debt recovery process. 

Here are just a few ways our accountability services can benefit your business: 

Account Activity Review:

Get a current business day report of the work being done on your files as a group or individually. 

Web Portal Access:

Our web portal gives you the flexibility to pull data and create custom reports tailored to your specific needs. 

Status Reports:

Receive regular status reports from the actual collection representative working on your account, complete with their email and phone contact information for direct communication. 

Detailed Recovery Report Analysis:

Gain valuable insights through detailed reports breaking out opened and closed claims by status, giving you a clear picture of the progress being made. 

Timely Notifications:

Receive same-day electronic notifications confirming new claims placed with CCI, as well as electronic payment notifications for all payments received. 

Litigation Support:

If a file needs to go to litigation, CCI provides detailed recommendation letters outlining the process and estimated time frame, keeping you updated on the attorney’s efforts and ensuring it’s in your best interest. 

Our accountability services extend across all stages of the debt recovery process, whether your account is in letter service, pre-collection, full collection, or litigation. When we say “We can do that!” you can trust that our promise is just a keystroke or phone call away. 

At CCI, we focus on delivering results and ensuring transparency every step of the way. Our accountability services empower you to track the progress of your accounts, measure the effectiveness of our efforts, and ultimately, ensure that we are delivering real value to your business. 

Interested in maximizing your collections and ensuring accountability in your debt recovery efforts? Let’s team up and work together to collect revenue for your business. Contact us to learn more about how our accountability services can benefit your organization. 

With CCI’s accountability services, you can have confidence in the integrity of our collectors, the transparency of our processes, and the effectiveness of our debt recovery efforts. Let’s work together to achieve your debt recovery goals while maintaining full visibility and control over the process.