At Commercial Collectors we specialize in the recovery of past-due debts for businesses and organizations. Once you place an account with us it will go through a systematic process that maximizes recovery. We have a free demand process that utilizes a pre-collection letter service. The next step in our process is personal contact with the debtor directly to resolve the past due item. If the first two steps do not result in collection of the debt, we move it to our collection attorney network. Through the whole collections process, you will be kept informed through our customized reporting.  

Free Demand Letter 

Our free letter demand service is a great way to try and resolve the debt without having to escalate to personal contact from a collections rep. This process entails two free demand letters over the course of 14 days. If the letters result in collection of the past due item, there is no charge to you. If the item is open after this period, it passes on to the next phase in the process. 

Personal Contact 

In this next step, the account is forwarded to one of our collection professionals. With an average of 20 years of experience, we know how to get your money. A senior CCI collector is your team leader, working closely with you as an extension of your staff. They will directly contact the debtor via phone in order to resolve the debt. Our team is trained to demand payment in full on the first contact and professionally makes that demand with your client, working with them on options to pay it in full. If payment in full is not possible, we will attempt to work out a short-term payment plan. Our team will make every effort to resolve the debt amicably. However, if that is not possible, it advances to the next phase. 

Collection Attorney Network 

CCI recovers over 91% of your dollars without litigation; however, if litigation becomes necessary, we have an extensive national network of collection attorneys who are dedicated to helping our clients recover their debts. Through this network, we’re able to provide our clients with experienced attorneys who are knowledgeable in the field of debt collection. Unlike many agencies that go directly into litigation, our network of attorneys attempt to collect the debt before taking that final step. If terms can’t be agreed upon, the account is then litigated.  


We pride ourselves on our excellent communication with our clients. The customized reporting system ensures that you are kept up to date on the progress of your account through all of the collection phases. You will receive regular reports detailing the activities undertaken on your account, as well as any updates or developments. This allows you to stay informed and make strategic decisions about your debt collection efforts. We want to ensure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your debt recovery strategy. 


Commercial Collectors Inc. (CCI) is NACM North Central’s preferred collection services provider. Having worked with NACM North Central members for many years, CCI has the knowledge and experience needed to provide efficient, effective, service-focused collections to reduce write-offs. To find out how CCI can help you, contact Larry Barthel at[email protected] or (763) 453-7408, or visit our website.