For over 50 years we have stayed ahead of the competition and collected more money for our clients by doing the following things:  

1. Offer a longer Free Demand time period during which all recoveries are free.

2. Work evenings and weekends to contact hard to reach parties.

3. Provide our customers with detailed updates in real time.

4. Make our collectors available to you for your direct communication.

5. Provide over fifty years of legal forwarding experience to draw upon.

6. We answer our phone. You get a real person to answer your questions.

7. Our collectors are trained in the commercial area of collections and average over 10 years each in experience.

8. Search out alternate phone numbers to contact parties when we are unable to contact them at their principal location.

9. We accept and make collection calls on cases as small as $50.00!

10. When we are unable able to collect on a file you will receive a detailed report outlining why.

11. Accounts $500.00 and over will receive the services of our attorney network when we do not get voluntary payment.

12. We utilize all of the available databases to reach the decision makers, determine sources of collection and look for possible