Founded in 1961 by Russell Gilmer, The current Executive Team takes the founderís original mission of developing real client relationships and building in state of the art collection technology services, Commercial Collectors, Inc provides full-service debt collection services to companies nationwide. Old school values with new school technology equals peace of mind for our clients

Introducing our executive team:

James R Gilmer     CEO

Joined firm 1981. Administration, Collection level three supervision.

Brian Armstrong     President

Joined firm 2007. Strategic Planning, Custom Client Program Creation, Webinars, Client Seminars, Collection Floor Supervision.

Larry Barthel     Vice President of Sales

Joined firm 2005. Custom Client Program Creation, Customer Care, Webinars, Seminars, Marketing and Advertising.

Kyle Kutz     Vice President of Collections

Joined firm 2008. Lead collection floor team, floor supervision and training.

Commercial Collectors, Inc.
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